11 thoughts on “Efflorescence

  1. And another interpretation. You really brought out the roundness and rhythm in these shells. I like that a lot remains essentially hidden somehow – it’s not super-sharp, which is probably what most people would do with this.

    1. Glad you liked the softness Lynn. The shells were actually located on a hard surface, an abandoned concrete foundation near a dock. I was trying to convey a sense that they were submerged.

      1. It’s amazing to me to see so many whelk shells at once, so that’s what I saw first – that’s my wow factor. :-0 The image definitely has the feeling of submersion, though I didn’t think of them as being literally under water. I was struck by how reducing the clarity (or whatever you did to achieve this beautiful effect) emphasizes the curves, and the essential roundness of the shapes. That repeated round pattern is what I responded to after that initial; wow, how did he find so many whelk shells in one place? 🙂

        1. It is unusual to see that many whelks and Moon Snails in one place. Getting to this spot involves a bit of a hike and there are definitely a lot more avian visitors there than human.

          Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how I arrived at this degree of softness, although it was a combination of tweaks involving all my plug-ins. Sometimes I get into a more visceral way of dealing with a file which, at least for me, evokes the early days in the darkroom.

  2. That’s interesting about the whelks – and moon snails – I thought I saw those in there, too – yes, I did. 🙂 And interesting about the processing.I was just thinking LR clarity but like you said, sometimes you can get to a more poetic interpretation, faster, by playing with all the plug-ins. I never had darkroom experience, but what you say about a more visceral process makes sense.

      1. … Lynn, the confusion I was joking about is a result of walking a file through P-Shop and two plug-ins from non-Adobe companies. The “workflow” is spontaneous and intuitive but could sometimes be better described as a “workaround.”

        I know you are as seriously into working on your files as I am. I didn’t want to convey a sense of frustration because, in truth, I enjoy the software immensely. 😊

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