9 thoughts on “Owen Pond

    1. By “here” I assume you mean the Pacific NW…

      The trip was interesting because my intention was to post the majority of my selections in color. The foliage was near-peak and quite spectacular. Surprisingly, many of the b/w conversions conveyed more meaning once I started looking at them.

      There are few images that worked better in color, however, and another group that seemed equally meaningful in either format. I’ll try to post a few…

      1. Yes, it could be in the PNW, in fact, a few miles from home – loads of rooty trails around here, and lakes, the whole look.
        That’s very interesting about the fall foliage, and seeing it in black and white. Maybe you can post a pair where you think both options work. Seeing in black and white is such a good exercise in any case.

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