21 thoughts on “Black Cherry Nights

  1. This makes me think of old bookplates, or etchings. I love that look. The perspective is awry, the details are even across the frame, and it’s full of impact, with the four sentinels and that glow behind them. Not only do you find compelling scenes to photograph, but you do such careful work with them. Ahh!

    1. I was thinking of bookplates/etchings when I decided to process this in b/w instead of color. For me, it evokes illustrations I’ve seen in children’s books. Happy you liked the treatment; thanks for commenting Lynn.

      1. That’s interesting! And Johnny’s on that wavelength too. 🙂 Somewhere, in the last month or two, I saw a small show of old prints with that look, and they were so engrossing, just a pleasure to regard.

  2. Timeless image that puts us humans in our place. Much awe, respect and humility felt around these giants is translated in this shot. It’s hard to express through words what it feels like to be in the presence of ancient, big trees. We don’t need to bother;you’ve captured it here!

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