20 thoughts on “Buzzing Field

  1. I love the misty, foggy, bokeh-y part of this, but even without that element, the light is fantastic and the composition appealing. My eye shoots all the way from the front left corner to the back right, and then returns to linger.

  2. This is so mysterious – the gradual in and out of focus, and the odd angle. Not to mention the idea of those flowers (cosmos?) right up against the cornfield. But it’s the way the focus and light lead my eyes back into the distance that I keep returning to; it is enchantment.

      1. I was really wondering (I should have asked) so thanks for that! The widest angle I have, I guess, is the low end of the M zuiko 12 – 40mm, and I don’t think I’ve ever tried it for a subject like this. I think there’s some distortion in the low end of that lens, and I wonder if the prime 12mm does away with that? Then again, in a photo like this, any distortion is playing a very positive role! Maybe a bigger difference would be the aperture. Ah, dreaming about more lenses…. 😉
        (I found a fun vintage lens at a great price recently, at a local thrift shop. It’s a SMC Super Takumar 28mm f3.5. Takes very nice photos, but not as bright as I’d like ideally – but $30!)

        1. Good thrift shop find Lynn! 👍

          I don’t think distortion on the wide end of your zoom would be much noticeable in photographs like this. Architectural stuff… maybe, but nothing that couldn’t be quickly remedied in p.p.

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