10 thoughts on “Landscape at Promised Land

  1. What wonderful east end fog! You have it bringing all these disparate elements together. It feels like the ocean must be off to the right somewhere…
    Promised Land? There must be an interesting story behind that name.

      1. It would make sense that there would be a number of imaginative ideas about where that name came from – what I liked was the custom of calling someone who lacks intelligence, “not overburdened.” 🙂

  2. Also haunting, and beautiful. And maybe I’m being too melodramatic, but this feels (post-?)apocalyptic to me as well….the zombies are just there….just out of sight….in the fog…..

    1. I need to see some of those zombie films I’ve been hearing about. This image, and many similar ones I’ve made, were inspired by Tarkovsky, especially his film “Stalker.”

      1. Nah. You’re not really missing much. I think they kind of all amount to the same movie.
        Tarkovsky is better. And makes more, deeper sense as an inspiration. There is an emptiness, a bleakness that is shared here where zombie flicks just end up in gore and sensationalism.

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