8 thoughts on “Edge Of The Garden

  1. Oh yes, you know I like this! Was that late afternoon light on those hostas? I can imagine how green they were, and I really like this monochrome, because it emphasizes the light and the leaf shapes and veins instead of the color.

    1. Happy you like it. Yes, those hostas were intensely green and green/yellow, and I’m glad that you prefer the monochrome for the same reasons I do.

  2. This is sooo luscious, John. I sooo want to be able to create tones like the ones in this and many of your other photographs. Do you spend a long time (like more than an hour) in processing to achieve this look? (I’m just taking for granted your compositional skills, which obviously count for a lot as well.)

    1. Thanks Linda– glad it spoke to you. Because I shot this image in b.w. it didn’t involve a lengthy job in post processing–mainly making sure there was some shadow detail. I also toned the image very slightly.

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