14 thoughts on “Railscape at Stephen Hands Path

    1. Thanks Lynn. We’ve had a number of days in a row with patchy fog at sunrise, generally burning off in an hour or so. We typically see this weather pattern more often next month (known locally as the “June Gloom”).

        1. OK!! Enough. But you’re right. Winter’s are the worst, because of the sameness of it all, day after day of mid 40’s, dark and drizzly weather. We have way less weather drama here than in NY. I missed that at first. I’m finally getting used to the local weather patterns and now, I’m perfectly happy with spring and fall and I’ve always loved summer (what’s not to love about mid 70’s, bright sunshine, no humidity for two months?). I just have to come to terms with winter. I think the best way is to leave for a month.

        2. I’ve only taken one trip to northwest Washington and the climate and the landscape seemed entirely unique when compared to everywhere else I’d been to in this country.

  1. Evoking one of my favorite motion pictures– The Train. Best Burt. Peering down the line through those quintessential greys to what may be.

  2. This is a timeless photo filled with ghosts. It is not only timeless but it is place less. It could be a rail crossing in Northern Virginia during the civil war. As with a lot of your pictures, it is participatory, inviting the viewer in to create their own story. I really like the angle it was taken from. Another keeper!

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