11 thoughts on “Needle Tea

    1. You’ve been to this universe indeed. 🙂 What I did here, (and on others recently) was shoot with my 75 f 1.8 at very close range with the widest aperture. Later, I’m giving the images a duotone treatment and, in this instance, I dialed back some detail into the soft focus (ie. the needles which were only inches away from the main branch in the foreground). I was hoping to get results: something smoky…soft…resembling an ink and charcoal sketch.

      Thanks for commenting, Lynn. Your interest, especially on these pieces I’ve been working on, is much appreciated.

      1. My pleasure. So, that 75 f1.8! That’s the one I might be most tempted to buy! Expensive though. 🙂 Maybe one a good price will come up on ebay, always possible. Close range at the widest aperture is something I like to do (which you could guess, looking at my photos). Then there are so many directions you can go in processing. Enhancing the softness here made sense. Have a good week John!

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