9 thoughts on “Oak in Partial Light

  1. I like this photograph for many reasons—certainly the partial light, but also the out-of-focus shadows on the mottled white background. I also just like the idea of photographing last year’s leaves.

  2. Beautiful shimmering, metallic light, like jewelry. The layers are hard to figure out, which is nice – what’s shadow, is there a reflection, etc. Lovely!

    1. Again, thanks Lynn. Love the description.

      On this one I used the 45mm, at maximum open aperture, and was pleasantly surprised to discover how the out-of-focus branches behind the leaves became shadow-like. Wide open, that lens is capable of beautiful things. Likewise: the 75mm.

      The metallic look was created later by gently toning the image using two different color circular gradients in ACR. You can shape and position these gradients in all sorts of ways, and I’ve found that restraint goes a long way when adding color to a monochrome photograph.

      Really happy you liked these recent images and took some time to comment.

      1. Yes, the 45mm wide open, my favorite! It gives one nice surprises. Gently toning is exactly what you seem to do best, and many other people, not so much. I’ve recognized that subtle quality in your work and I admire it. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think you’ve been using PS for many years, and ACR is part of that. Maybe because I began photographing seriously later, or just because it was easier, I use LR, not PS. I had Elements but gravitated to LR. Now LR has the circle gradients too, and I use them, but you can’t so the same things, e.g. you can play with saturation but you can’t adjust specific colors using the gradient tools, so when you do adjust a color, it affects the whole composition.
        Like you say, using restraint worked the magic to achieve the metallic quality. Thanks for describing the process! As for taking the time in the comments section, there’s no question that it’s worth it to me, and it’s valuable to you. This is not Instagram. And being retired makes all the difference! 😉
        We’re taking an 11 day road trip, starting this weekend, down the central & south Oregon coast and into n. CA to see the redwoods, then back up, maybe inland but probably mostly on highway. I’m looking forward to seeing loads of new things. 🙂

        1. Yep, I started working in P-Shop quite some time ago… kinda got away from it a bit, and now I’ve been poking around with ACR because I liked the latest upgrade. It would be interesting to see if someone could create 5 nearly identical images using LR, P-Shop, ACR, NIK and On1. I’ll bet it could be done.

          These days I’m not really devoted to any specific workflow. All the imaging software out there seems to have some strong points specific to each. Truth be told, I jump around a lot.

          I hesitate to bring this up, 🙂 … Olympus now has an f 1.2 25mm and and an f1.2 45mm, both of which are a stop faster than the ones you (and I) own and are about four times more expensive. Ouch. Aside from the hefty price tag, they’re also larger and heavier. That being said, the samples I’ve seen when used wide open compared to the f1.8’s are impressive. That extra stop results in an incredibly smooth bokeh — the thought of which has been tempting me now for three months. You can see the comparisons at various sites online; I think Robin Wong and/or Steve Huff have posted about it.

          Have a relaxing trip. Look forward to seeing new work.

        2. Sounds familiar – jumping around with the processing according to one’s mood, or what seems like the best alternative, since they do each have advantages. Your idea about creating the same looks with the software from five different companies – that would be a challenge, but one would certainly learn a lot trying to do it. (I used On1 for while too, but for me, the NIK software dovetails well with LR, so lately, I use those two.) You are way ahead of me technically, with more years and also the printing knowledge, so it’s interesting to hear your take on it all.

          You’re killing me with the lens talk, John! 😉 I do dislike the weight, so there’s that to think about. I was given the 12-40 f2.8 zoom, a very nice lens, but it’s rather bulky and heavy, and I notice that I don’t gravitate to it – you get what I’m saying! But f1.2 – oh, I’d love that. I should see if they have either of those lenses at the local camera store, just bring my camera and try it. Could be dangerous, but seriously, it’s a lot of money. If you break down, I hope I will be one of the first to know. 🙂
          I’ve seen Robin Wong’s & Huff’s sites, not lately though – will go look.

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