8 thoughts on “March Sky, Amagansett

    1. Thanks Martin.

      After scrutinizing some recent files including this one, SilverEfex still seems to be the best platform for b.w. conversion. What I’m going to start doing with the PEN is shoot Jpeg/RAW (in black and white) and generally use the RAW color file to convert in SilverEfex. Seems to be less noise especially when using color sliders to adjust tone. In other words, the camera will shoot both files simultaneously.

      Thought I’d share this with you; I know you’re considering the camera. Seems to be a March rebate in progress btw. 🙂

    2. …ran some more tests this morning shooting in monochrome up through branches at a blue sky. Contrary to what one or two reviewers have suggested, I’m liking what I see with noise reduction set to “automatic.” Also… I’m seeing that shooting in monochrome II mode is very impressive assuming one shows some restraint with contrast adjustments and the color sliders (i.e.yellow filter is much preferable to red unless you want noise!)

      Hope this isn’t boring you!

      1. Hi john many thanks for your emails and info it’s very useful for me as I’m seriously considering the upgrade to the pen f but want to make sure it’s not a knee jerk reaction. As I mentioned previously I’ve been using my analogue kit far more than my gx7. The thing I love about the pen is it’s seemingly excellent b&w option which has subtle nuances which can be altered as required. It seems I’ve gone back in time and find myself shooting more in b&w than anything else. Your photographic skills and images are always on point and compelling so I do appreciate your feedback and value your comments regarding equipment especially when like me you’ll have dropped cash to purchase it.

        1. I relate to what you said about the knee-jerk reaction. A few years drifted by before I finally bought a Hasselblad. 🙂

          One thing I should mention: I’m magnifying the PEN’s test files to at least 66% because anything I shoot with this camera I may want to print up to 70cm. Admittedly, scrutinizing image files at that sort of magnification is generally pointless for any purpose other than making large prints.

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