12 thoughts on “Snowy Owl Near Goff Point

  1. One of my favourite species of bird although we don’t get many of that variant where I am
    A buddy and I were riding trails in the Peak District and he was behind me as we rode down a bridleway into a valley I looked to my left and saw a short eared owl flying alongside me on stopping my mate said he couldn’t believe what he’d seen the owl was just behind me and then flew alongside where I saw it. A magic moment
    Lovely shot John

    1. Thanks Martin.

      The Snowy is by no means a common owl here either; they’ll show up on the beach infrequently during the winter and if they stick around, the word gets out among the birders. The last one I saw was about seven years ago. As far as I know, the bird yesterday was a new arrival.

      Great anecdote about the Short-Eared Owl flying alongside your bicycle. Every encounter I’ve had with an owl has been memorable.

  2. Ah, what luck! The first one I ever saw was out at Jones Beach, back in the 70’s, perched on a dune. When it swiveled its head, there was a splotch of brilliant red blood on the back of the neck. It seemed none the less worse for wear. Those golden eyes were astoundingly intense – it was a powerful experience. Thanks for bringing that back, and how terrific to have caught the owl in flight.

    1. What a vivid anecdote, and I can see why it’s stayed with you all these years. As I said to Martin earlier, every one of my owl encounters has been memorable.

      I’m happy you liked the image. I had the 45mm Olympus on my PEN, and was shooting some abstractions when we saw the owl. I had enough time to shift into RAW and catch a few exposures with that darker background of forest, leaving some room on all sides to make the crop. As it turned out, the shorter focal length might’ve helped this image gain some mood and read more like a landscape. When I say “shorter” I’m thinking of all those serious birders who wouldn’t think of using this lens to photograph an owl. 🙂

  3. Yes, a 45mm for birds! No way! 🙂 I cringe when I see those guys with their giant lenses at our local birding hotspot. Just not my preference. This has such a nice feeling, and I like the way the grasses are rendered. For a split second you think it’s an egret because it’s big and white and flying over the grasses (and I know it’s near water because it’s from you) but then you see that head and neck. That all adds to the beauty.

  4. A beautiful moment well captured, John. The upraised wings, the ascending bird against the dark background, and surrounded by enough space to give a nice sense of the environment seems just about perfect to me.

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