7 thoughts on “Sea Glass – Study II

  1. Perfect. Some comments ago I mentioned my imagined connection with one of your photographs that relates to Jackson Pollock’s abstractionist approach to art to which you agreed. Out of curiosity, in what direction are you now more focused? Are you the realist with an occasional twist and tweak on reality, or an abstractionist that takes reality to a place that is often overlooked by most? Whatever the direction, or what lies between, I enjoy and appreciate the balance of your work. A question for you, including the same for me: Is it possible to straddle both worlds, and more importantly, to be the very best at all? Put another way, is focus more important to be familiar than fandango?

    1. I like the way you framed both questions… (realist vs abstractionist), and is it possible to straddle both worlds.

      I supposed I’ve moved toward a more abstract POV rather than the other way around. In some ways, that might be a side effect of the digital era. Twenty years ago, I was patiently shooting rolls of 120 film, 12 exposures at a time, often from a tripod. For better or worse, many of the restraints of shooting film are gone, and we’ve entered a phase where there’s a huge amount of eclecticism and a great deal of ease in quickly producing images that might’ve taken a half a day not that long ago.

      But more relevant to your query, I’ve noted a tendency in myself to look for less obvious subjects than I might have in the past. The surreal and abstract elements that exist in every day situations are of great interest, as is the language of the lenses I’m currently using. Some are attuned to these things at a very young age, but for me the process took a lot of time.

      Hope that answers your questions. 🙂 Thanks

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