8 thoughts on “Grass in Cold Light

    1. Thanks for commenting Lynn. I like the way the grass fills the vertical space too, and until you pointed it out, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was appealing to me.

      I keep coming back to this subject, whether it’s here or out west. Something very fundamental about it.

  1. I do, too – keep coming back to grasses – I must have hundreds & hundreds tagged “grass.” I think it’s reminiscent of writing for me – I like calligraphy and fine lines, and there’s that early childhood discovery of the delight of the printed page. Maybe there’s a connection.

    1. I like your analogy with calligraphy and fine lines and I’ve noted the recurring theme in your work as well. This picture speaks to me because of that one blade of grass moving across the frame horizontally slightly above the middle from the left… and also the counterpoint of the grasses at the very top.

      It’s interesting the way those individual blades of grass can be so rich in character and emotional content…

  2. I see a filigree in black and white that entices the eye at the foreground in a meandering path to what lies beyond the confines of your photo. Thanks for capturing a wonderful image and encouraging my imagination.

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