15 thoughts on “Hejira

    1. Thanks. The title comes from an Arabic word… a journey, a flight, an escape to a better place.

      It also was the title of a Joni Mitchell album many years ago… one of her best.

    1. P.S. The birds couldn’t have formed a better shape or positioned themselves so perfectly. Or did the photographer exercise any direction ?

      1. Thanks. As it turns out, this was old-school– nearly as old as the photographer. 🙂 …two components:

        Serendipity … (being in the salt marsh at 7 am yesterday)

        And a bit of luck … (Fortunate to have had a normal focal length lens ready and grateful that the shutter speed was fast enough, because there was simply no time to check settings)

  1. This is a wonderful moment captured John I love watching these birds when they fly in such a way. It’s mesmerising and beautiful and strangely hypnotic. I always stop and take five when I see such a gathering. You have struck a chord with me here love it.

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