11 thoughts on “Dawn, Au Sable River

  1. I’m usually asleep at that hour so it’s nice to see what I’m missing 🙂

    This picture feels like a precious jewel.

  2. I’m with Alan…or if I’m up, I’m not in any shape to drive and the rest…much to my chagrin…I keep telling myself I’ll get there, and maybe I will. In the meantime, we have this.

  3. Delicate but determined. This is a wonderful shot of how moderately strong and muted colors work in harmony to offer a work of beauty. When that moment appears, the opportunity waits for no one. The shutter release, and the eye of the beholder, is often all too fleeting. The right place, the right time, and a curious and focused eye always makes the difference. Perfect.

    1. Thanks for such a nice comment. I’m drawn to your thoughts about a “curious and focused eye” because I often find myself eager to discover how a specific focal length might be used to optimally record the meaning of a scene (in this case: the 45mm Olympus M.Zuiko). I tend to think of my four lenses as different musical instruments, each with their own timbre. The curiosity that you refer to is always there, and is often intertwined with the “sound” of those lenses.

  4. I believe a “curious and focused eye” has much to do with appealing the inner being of oneself. How to capture that special moment depends on a number of variables, not the least of which is the environmental conditions over which we have no control. A “curious and focused eye,” and the skill and equipment hunger to capture his or her soul in a fraction of a second and share that fleeting moment with others makes all the difference. When I go afield during the early morning hours of the day, I often look back and above to where I had been minutes before to see if something I had left behind, or a part of myself, was carelessly overlooked. Then there is the “sound” of your lens, and hopefully mine, that puts the burnished touch on that moment in time.

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