8 thoughts on “Woods From the Bridge

  1. This is interesting, and not what I necessarily expect from you. Rusty bridges are very appealing, and so are lines that break up the space. Or stitch it back together again.

    1. Agree.

      I also photographed those woods without the bridge and, to me, the woods seemed more expansive and mysterious in this image. Interesting the way that sometimes works..

  2. The contrasts in this image — in color, materiality, lines, and even light — are what I find most compelling. While the bridge and trees occupy different spaces, each affirms the essence of the other through the play of opposites.

  3. The rusting bridge and the large, stately white pine in the middle of that patch of Adirondack woods seem to be observing one another, like old friends. Picture has a great feel to it.

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