10 thoughts on “Canoe View North

    1. Thanks Lynn. That’s NY State on the left, and the shaggy bluff in the foreground is in VT. Those trees are nowhere near the size of the ones in your neck-of-the-woods, but there are some ancient Arbor Vitae clinging to those rocks. Some of them are very gnarled, and even growing upside down. I’m sure you’d love this place.

      1. My son went to Pok-o-Macready camp near Willsboro for a few summers, and when I was a child my family took a few summer road trips in the area – we lived in Syracuse. It’s been many years, but NY is in my genes, I think! I’m sure you’re right, I’d love it, the trees sound wonderful, and the rocks – love those rocks!

  1. One of those pictures that you would like to propel yourself into with a kayak, tent and sleeping bag. How many Iroquois canoes paddled past this identical spot that has somehow persevered? Beautiful picture.

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