11 thoughts on “Benson Landing

  1. This is like a dream! DId you post one of this view before, I remember there being some small wooden jetties in the front, and it was so atmospheric..

      1. I remember now, I’m thinking of the post you titled “Old Docks”, from last year – gorgeous shot – I remember it particularly as I wrote a few words inspired by it, as you know I often find your images seem to tell such stories!

  2. Alan beat me to it – exactly my thought. That light! And the trees also have a look certain old European landscapes have – the details, the softness. It’s the toned down colors, too, I think. I’m always trying to analyze how you do it, John! 🙂

    1. I did have those old landscapes in mind throughout the week mainly because Champlain has a such a timeless look. Toning down the colors really helped evoke some of that classicism for me. Thanks Lynn!

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