20 thoughts on “Seafoam Clams

  1. I really like the composition here, John. The three shells with their “water shadows” seem perfectly placed and balanced against the field of sea foam, which I find intriguing itself, in the upper right. I might have cropped the wave at the top off, maybe just because I am so taken by the other elements…what do you think?

        1. Yes, it might have a completely different impression without it. Actually when I look at it again there is less showing than I remembered. I really like it. Thanks for the reply.

      1. I’ve been going back and forth on this crop since before I posted it and now I’m thinking you’re right. I’ve gone ahead and swapped it out with the edited version, although it required a bit of a tweak to the overall contrast to pull it together. The thing I like most about the cropped version is that it goes nicely with other work that I’ve been showing (some of which are in the “Intimacy” gallery on the sidebar).

        Mic. thanks again–good suggestion.

        1. I was a little surprised with myself as I ordinarily don’t make comments like this. Thanks for receiving in the spirit it was given.

          I took a look at the ‘Intimacy’ gallery. Beautiful collection! I will spend some time there…

        2. When I looked at the original image, I knew that I would not have cropped out that wave. But you and MIC. are right! The photo has a lovely glow without it. Love the opalescent look to the image.

        3. I’m actually okay with this image either way, but I prefer the cropped version with the other prints I’m displaying it with.

          To me, it’s interesting to explore how an image can function well with a variety of treatments (including crops and matting/framing formats).

  2. Nice. Love the small shell shadow. Intimate, like a kid brother. Hope the coming storm turns up some treasures.

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