15 thoughts on “Log at Old House Landing

  1. The way you’ve shot this makes the log almost resemble a mesa out west. I can just picture Georgia O’Keeffe standing just outside the frame :).

    1. Great comment … wisely observed.

      Hmm…she was near the edge of the frame in the Adams portrait (the one with Orville Cox at Canyon de Chelly). That sky behind them has been tugging at me for more years than I can remember…

      1. I see an Ansel_Adams-like view of the face of Half Dome in the upper left corner. Remarkable how the wood mimics rock. All that aside, it’s a classic black and white, John.

        1. Thanks so much. Those classic images have a way of showing up unexpectedly, like a welcome hand on the shoulder when we’re alone with our frames.

  2. I don’t like to anthropomorphize but I confess I see a puckering face and a fish – so silly. But I also see great clarity, like you KNOW these logs are outdoors.

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