14 thoughts on “Ice Partition

  1. Other worldly, a step away from your usual perspective. Guy

    John I just self-published Two photo books last week. Go to blurb.com search guypierno click on “My Machu Picchu” and “Thanksgiving Adventure” full preview available. Let me know what you think, I value your opinion.

    1. Much appreciated! The ice, where I was, appeared to have thawed and refroze multiple times: lots of fascinating things happening, especially with b.w. treatments.

  2. Hey John: Guy showed me the images in your series Arches National Park. Of course I was taken in by the image
    Ice Partition.
    I see shades of Wynn Bullock, and Minor White in this image. When I showed images of a similar concept, to my college students, I never told them the context, but told them: Don’t tell me what it is a photograph of. Tell me what components you see, how do you respond to them, how does it make you feel, what can you imagine?
    I generally received some strange yet appropriate answers: “ethereal, or other worldly, a moonscape.
    Sometimes we give the audience too much information, instead of making them work to find content.
    Your image is, of course beautiful, yet ethereal and can bring on thoughts of amoeba, beginnings of life on earth etc.
    I once said to you so many years ago, that even though your work had a representational approach, I could also see abstraction from time to time.

    I do love the ambiguity of this image, and knowing you, your print of the photograph,is probably stunning.

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