2 thoughts on “poles among the trees

  1. Beautiful, John. Another one of your images that could almost pass as a book illustration. I only wish that the out-of-focus elements in the foreground, especially in the lower right-hand corner, weren’t present — or else replicated along the top edge and corners to provide some vignetting. To me, they feel as if they don’t belong in the same frame with the texture, tonality, and lighting that make the rest of the image special.

    1. Thanks a.g. Since this image is one of my favorites recently, I’ll try to respond in detail.

      Respectfully, I don’t agree with your observation about the out-of-focus foreground leaves– although I was aware when shooting this image earlier today that I was parting ways with one of those “rules” you sometimes hear about composition. Blurred foregrounds, I guess, are an acquired taste, and perhaps the same could be said about rules of composition. (Didn’t Leiter do splendid things with out of focus foregrounds?)

      My object here was to convey something mysterious…I wanted the picture to ask a “question”… I wanted a sense of unknowing, and at least for me, the soft-focus foreground leaves was a conscious and essential element in creating that effect.

      Your other idea of extending a blur around the top in a vignette for “balance” seems odd and unnessary. To me, doing that would risk making the soft focus aspect more of the point of the picture.

      You have a critical eye and many of your comments are helpful and right on target. Feel free to email me anytime you’d like to stretch out and discuss/critique an image in detail. I’ll do the same.

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