13 thoughts on “Mid-October, Staudinger’s Pond

  1. The water surface is interesting – it keeps me guessing – it’s not inky black, it’s not reflective, and it’s amazing how you got it to look this way – but your technique is just superb so I shouldn’t be surprised. Love this one.

      1. Interesting that you desaturated overall a bit, I guess that contributes to the calm feeling, and the subtle complexity of the colors. I have found myself desaturating right away lately, just a bit. I have a long way to go though, before I achieve images like this one! (But the road is rewarding…).

        1. I forgot to mention two other tweaks here Lynn: I really wanted a neutral blue/teal in the water to let the other colors throughout the image sing. I did that in “selective color” in P Shop because you can modify the hue of individual colors without affecting the rest of the colors in the image. What I did in essence, was add a little green to both blue and cyan. Just a tiny bit! It can be, depending, a fascinating way to desaturate specific colors.

          Another correction was dialing down the detail in the shadows (the water, in this instance). Again, this was just a slight tweak to water that already was super smooth. There’s a few different ways to do this, and I barely applied it here.

          The lack of reflections in this picture is really due to my long focal length (300 mm equivalent) and the angle I took it at. I’ve been playing with this optical “trick” for a couple of years because I like the way it gets rid of busyness and creates a semi-abstract situation. A lot of times when I’m looking at scenes like this I’ve noticed that when I change positions by a foot (up, down, across..what have you), you can find a spot where there’s a neutral background with no reflections. I love those spots and I’m always looking for them now…

          Hope some of this has been interesting!

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