I’ll be showing throughout the weekend at Ashawagh Hall in Springs with my friends Phyllis Chillingworth, Annie Sessler and Jim Goldberg. Here’s some information about them from our press release:

PHYLLIS CHILLINGWORTH • excited by rhythms found on land, in water and skies, translates that energy into oil paintings and watercolors. These paintings capture her personal impressions from Nova Scotia, Cape Cod and Montauk to Montana. The elusive water rhythms of the east contrast with the ancient-earth rhythms of the west. Movement permeates all of her work. Phyllis lives in Montauk and NYC and has had three solo shows at Atlantic Gallery, NYC. Phyllis is a graduate of The Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago and the Yale School of Art & Architecture.
ANNIE SESSLER AND JIM GOLDBERG • husband and wife team, live, fish and create art in their home studio based in Montauk, NY, but they are printmakers who practice their specialized art form wherever they travel employing the revered age old Japanese craft tradition of Gyotaku. They make original hand made relief prints on recycled and new fabrics using inks and freshly caught fish. Works range in actual size but Jim and Annie also produce digitally manipulated custom pieces with alterations to size, color and form.

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