12 thoughts on “Bent Over Tree In May

    1. Thursday morning… nice foggy conditions with the sun working its way out. In fact, about twenty minutes after I took this picture, the fog had burned off and we had a clear blue sky. That’s about all that went into taking the shot, other than making sure the exposure was correct.

      With respect to working on the file, I prefer foggy landscapes with a softer contrast than other types of scenes. So when I worked with this image, I steered clear of the blackest blacks and whitest whites. In SilverEfex, there is a “zone system” feature which allows you to make sure your highlights and shadows are just where you want them. It probably goes back to my darkroom days, but I love the “music” in the midrange. With this picture, I hoped to let all the shades of gray do the work, including those darkest parts of the tree trunks, which are really just a dark shade of gray.

      The only other thing I had to watch was to make sure the sun peeking down through the fog did not result in blown highlights. Again, a correct exposure and SilverEfex helped make sure everything worked out okay.

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  1. Hi John, great to see you posting again…i love the lift to this fog; it’s like it’s lit from within. It’s always interesting to read about the process, too.


  2. Really love these grey tones – totally agree with you about music in the midrange! Somehow the glint of white in the fence seems so much more tender because of that I think..


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