Black and White Galleries

dune detail

Over the last few days I set up a suite of fifteen black and white galleries, a collection which includes much of my recent work. Like so many tasks, this was long overdue and involved more coffee than usual. There’s a bit more to go and I’ll be adding/subtracting images regularly. Color is next in line.

If you’re on a computer you should find the links just to the right on the sidebar.  On a phone or iPad, you may have to scroll to the bottom of my recent posts. If you have some time, please enjoy a stroll.

Dune Detail • Death Valley National Park

18 thoughts on “Black and White Galleries

  1. I admire your organization efforts! I found myself drawn to the street, ghosts, retreads and sand/sticks galleries the most. Is it satisfying to put it together?

    1. Thanks– I’ve been thinking about him lately, especially the way he preferred contact prints from his 8 x 10 negatives rather than enlargements… a contrarian!

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