18 thoughts on “Abandoned Mormon Church

  1. Giles:
    The ghost town is located on the Fremont River halfway between Caineville and Hanksville in one of the more remote places in the lower 48. The farming community was founded in 1888 and was abandoned in the early years of the 20th century after several catastrophic floods.

  2. So perfect, the smooth, smooth sky and dry vegetation and wood, and the shapes of the distant mountains with the building shapes, and somehow the telephone pole brings another element in, makes it a stage set. Even the triangle of bare ground in the foreground is made to order. It all has a supremely classic feel.

  3. (Comment didn’t load right) I traveled that section of Rt 24 over 10 yrs ago when my son, who was in a program near Torrey, had to go to the hospital, which was in Price. How I love southern Utah. Now I really want to go back!

    1. We’ve spent more time in Torrey than any town in Utah over the years. The routine: breakfast at the Capitol Reef Inn and Cafe and then off to a hike in the park. It’s nice to hear you have such nice memories of the same part of the state!

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