22 thoughts on “It Must Be a Sign

    1. Hmmm.. the first rays of daylight (and I emphasize the word “first” here as in “first minute”)… that, combining with a very dramatic sky. That’s 90% of it. I go out west to hunt for these skies.

      The rest is post-processing (SilverEfex, in my case). Much the same as what I was once doing in the darkroom: burn, dodge.. making decisions that effect contrast and color tone.

      I should also add that I could just as easily work in Photoshop or Lightroom but I prefer SilverEfex because it’s intuitive, and because it has superb noise reduction built into the software. In other words, the same processing decisions in Photoshop will result in lots more unwanted noise.


  1. Beautiful shot of the new day, somewhere in the Great Basin, with another human artifact being swallowed up by the great emptiness.


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