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  1. I love these shots of Americana. But the light is so special. What time of day is it? Do you use a skylight filter to get the clouds so delineated? A wonderful photograph!!

  2. Love this shot but it is not what I expected to see from the title, cos I was too dozy to notice the double “n” in inn. In Australia a Drive-In is an American style outdoor movie venue. That is what I expected to see. Is that what they are called in the USA? They are very rare here now but luckily I have one only 20 minutes drive from my house. I think it is one of only 2 left in my state. SO TOTALLY not relevant to this post but thought I’d ask/share. I really enjoy your blog BTW.

    1. Drive-In’s are definitely the name of outdoor movie venues here as well. In the state of Utah, there seem to be a number of traditional fast-food establishments (such as this one) which are also called “drive-in’s” or “drive-inn” such as the one in my photograph.

      The movie theater drive-ins are equally scarce here in the US, if not even more scarce. Interestingly, there is now a small number of retro-style operations attempting to emulate the drive-ins of old. Nice to hear from you!

      1. Thanks John. That is very interesting that the original home of drive-in movies is also facing their extinction. It is still an experience I love and one that I always try to take visitors from teh UK and Ireland to see as they don’t have them there at all. Maybe they never did. I associate the event with long queues for rubbish (yet delicious) food, old fashioned advertising and fights in the back seat over how to share the pillows and blankets brought for the often freezing weather.

        1. Your recollections all ring true with me too, except for the freezing weather. My drive-in experiences were all in an overly-warm Florida back in the 1960’s.

  3. Great shot of “the old, wierd America,” that could probably have 100 short stories written around it. In fact, it would be a great lesson for a high school English teacher to give her/his students a class period to create a story around Mel’s Drive In. Like your other great shots, I find them to be “participatory,” in that they draw the viewer into the image.

  4. Just admiring your photos in my new home , 2600 south ocean drive , think I purchased these 5 by 7. Photos of Kismet lighthouse and beach from 1986

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