21 thoughts on “Green River: Abandoned Gas Station at Dawn

  1. Wow, the subject also works in B/W very well. I like the right half of the picture most. It’s an advantage of the landscape photographer to take pictures while the light is beautifully evolved.

  2. The capture of light shimmering here is sublime…just love visiting your blog, every time!

      1. Isn’t it cool the way different people see different things in images? It’s obvious that people will, but even when we have similar aesthetics and taste, we still see things quite differently.

        1. Yes and I believe we touched on this before. The comments on this one intrigued me, because for me- this picture is wrapped up in lots of ache and personal history.

  3. Wow! What a powerful shot. Nothing nostalgic about that gas station, either, because it looks very contemporary. The distant mesa is a wonderful counterpoint to the modern gas station with ample western emptiness spread throughout.

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