15 thoughts on “Frontage Road Landscape, Cedar City

    1. Thanks Val– really good comment. To me, the photograph is pulling apart at the seams, an effect which I’m still sorting out as I look at it again this morning.

      Merci…bon après-midi, jT

  1. You sure do spectacular things with the western landscape! The billboard might have been enough, but the shadow, the shadow – now things are really playing with each other.

    1. many thanks Lynn.. When I found this one, I was thinking of a b.w. from South Dakota that I photographed a long time ago. I wish I could say otherwise, but archiving all that stuff has yet to be done.

      1. What would we do without Lightroom these days, with all these images? I was just looking at some old slides that I want to get put onto a CD – one of those things that falls on to the back burner. But it’s interesting how, when you’ve lived on the planet a while, you realize that certain shots or images recur for you. It’s not that you’re not growing, it’s a place that’s rich ground. Clearly this is.

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