Abandoned Gas Station, Interstate 15

Abandoned Gas Station, I 15

I’m back in town after a two week journey through Utah– an in-state trip which included forays into the Arizona Strip and Idaho. Evenings were spent in small-town motels or cabins, and days were spent hiking in National Parks or BLM and Forest Service areas. I have no anxiety about what to photograph or what to avoid. It’s all fair game. With some luck, my pictures will reflect my experience.

I should mention that I spent a soggy night camping in Kodachrome Basin State Park. As most of you know, the film is now history. Happily, this wonderfully-named State Park is still available.

Anyway, the goal over the next few months is to post the pictures. I’ll be loading ’em up “one-a-day” and hopefully they’ll go down like a good box of vitamins.

Click for largest/sharpest image.

24 thoughts on “Abandoned Gas Station, Interstate 15

  1. It’s amazing how you see and compose the beauty and intrigue of abandoned structures—this being one of many. Kudos!

  2. I love everything in this, so perfect! The light, the colours, the composition… the feeling!
    Your trip really sound interesting and I look forward to see the rest. I’m sure “they’ll go down like a good box of vitamins”. 🙂

  3. Love this image, looking forward to seeing more, sounds like you had a great trip. Great to hear Kodakchrome is still available, albeit in a different form!

    1. The park was named by a group of visiting National Geographic Society and Explorer’s Club officials back in the late 1940’s. Nice to hear from you Simon.. and thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think they’ll go down more like a great glass of wine. This is so beautiful, so perfectly balanced in shapes and colors. Wow. And what a great trip that sounds like. Now I’ll continue clicking…

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