Abandoned Gas Station, Interstate 15

Abandoned Gas Station, I 15

I’m back in town after a two week journey through Utah– an in-state trip which included forays into the Arizona Strip and Idaho. Evenings were spent in small-town motels or cabins, and days were spent hiking in National Parks or BLM and Forest Service areas. I have no anxiety about what to photograph or what to avoid. It’s all fair game. With some luck, my pictures will reflect my experience.

I should mention that I spent a soggy night camping in Kodachrome Basin State Park. As most of you know, the film is now history. Happily, this wonderfully-named State Park is still available.

Anyway, the goal over the next few months is to post the pictures. I’ll be loading ’em up “one-a-day” and hopefully they’ll go down like a good box of vitamins.

Click for largest/sharpest image.

24 thoughts on “Abandoned Gas Station, Interstate 15

  1. I love everything in this, so perfect! The light, the colours, the composition… the feeling!
    Your trip really sound interesting and I look forward to see the rest. I’m sure “they’ll go down like a good box of vitamins”. 🙂


    1. The park was named by a group of visiting National Geographic Society and Explorer’s Club officials back in the late 1940’s. Nice to hear from you Simon.. and thanks for stopping by!


  2. I think they’ll go down more like a great glass of wine. This is so beautiful, so perfectly balanced in shapes and colors. Wow. And what a great trip that sounds like. Now I’ll continue clicking…


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