12 thoughts on “Beach Road – Sagg Main

    1. Thanks Malin. I’ve been aiming for something a little bit different with these long-focal length landscapes. Trying to keep it simple. This one seemed particularly balanced.

  1. This is so beautiful – those peachy cloud tips – the light on the box on the pole – it was a beautiful moment, light-wise, but capturing it at this angle is masterful. There’s a wonderful spaciousness, too.

    1. Love your description of “peachy cloud tips”. I was actually standing right at the ocean when I took this image– but the telephone poles were the ticket. 😉

      1. They really add so much – when I’m driving around I’d rather not see them everywhere, but they make great additions to the sky – crazy idea! – when you’re taking photographs. I like the tire tracks in there, too.

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