32 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. This at once stirred up 1. feelings of a beautiful stillness with a tinge of warm sadness and 2. memories of Dr Seuss books from my childhood. In all, I really enjoyed this image.


  2. Wonderfully done, so soft and quiet, a smart foil to the “noisy” branch shapes. I can’t help being reminded of pricy nurseries in the metro NYC area – especially out by you – and the huge specimen trees sold to wealthy homeowners. I was a full time gardener for someone like that in another lifetime, and sometimes dealt with tree nurseries. These, assuming they really are in a nursery and are for sale, would be quite a chore to move! Beautiful!


    1. Foil. That’s an excellent word to describe an element in so many photographs. Nicely stated, Lynn.

      These Weeping Beeches were so fog-enshrouded that I’m actually not sure if they were nursery stock or situated on a private lot. It’s an old farm route, with a mish-mash of nurseries, potato barns, cultivated land and second-homers.

      Now that it’s cleared up, I need to go back and look.


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