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        1. All very interesting. Andrei Tarkovsky once said that the “aim of art is to prepare a person for death”.
          If we get close to it now and again, then perhaps we’ve done something remarkable. Keep shooting … love your work.

        2. We’re in a healthy period of experimentation. Some of that relates to all the various ways we now can treat our images, and some of it relates to the creative freedom of blogging. I see you as an artist who is fully engaged with the process and willing to take chances. Because we’re in uncharted territory, your work matters in a way that even makes the mistakes interesting.

        3. Oh, thank you so much John. I still have a bit of a problem with identifying as an artist, but I kind of feel that description suits better than “photographer.” I am no master of light. Most of my images are manipulated in some way. Although I aim to make better quality photographs than I do now, my main concern is to make an interesting image by whatever means are available to me. I have such fun with my editing!

        4. I have a Windows interface on a Nokia. Then I use apps, also on the phone. There’s one I use a lot called Fantasia Painter and another called Lazy Lens and occasionally a few others.

        1. Your posted images are clever…lyrical… and consistent. It’s the internet. I try not to think about “better quality” until I’m in front of a print.

        2. Trust me, I need improvement. I am hoping to get a DSLR some time this year and although I realise that that is not all it takes, I’m looking forward to the new capabilities that has to offer. Like focusing for example. πŸ™‚

  1. How tall were these? How did you position yourself when you were shooting this? It’s just lovely! So fitting for the description someone once wrote, “where the foliage reached out to touch the skies.”

    1. good anonymous quote..

      The Phragmites are about 7-8 feet tall. I’d snowshoed out to them and photographed them while lying on my back. I took three or four images but liked this one the best because of the way the leaf resembled the shape of a scythe.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Mark; I enjoyed your site. Just printed one of these yesterday and it looks nice and grainy as a 22″ print.

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