12 thoughts on “Twig Miniatures

  1. Mr. Todaro,
    Beautiful and striking work. There sure is a lot of it because it went on and on and on. I enjoyed the visit very much and appreciate your artistry. I do consider you work as art and do not usually think that of photographers but you are one of the unique few that I personally would feel comfortable calling artist. Your work is vivid and perfectly balanced and I do not know how you find the little and not so little nooks and crannies and bring them into conscious. Amazing is what I thought of a lot of your pieces and I thank you for sharing. You are certainly appreciated by me, claudy

    1. Thanks so much Claudy. I really appreciate such an incredibly thoughtful comment and I also very much enjoyed your paintings. I grew up in Pinellas county and took my first swim at Indian Rocks Beach, so it was especially interesting to read about your Tarpon Springs roots.

      1. I took swimming lessons at that same exact beach also now that you mention it! They lined us up by age and ability all the way down the shore and we were off. Wow! That was a very long time ago back when there were Fiddler Crabs and Horseshoe Crabs all along the beach. Sadly, you don’t see those crabs any more. It feels like only yesterday. This life of ours is a quick and fast one indeed.
        Well now you reside in one of the most posh and prestigious places in America and I see you are right smack dab in the middle of the Art Scene. Looks like a wonderful environment for you and your family and it is very good to see. I hope for huge amounts of luck to come to you in the near future and I am watching for more from you soon. Thank you, claudy

        1. I was in Pinellas throughout the sixties and 90% of what I remember is gone. In those days, there was still a lot of citrus being grown although an historic frost in 1962 threw it all into decline. I’m sure your family has stories from those years. I have intriguing memories of Tarpons Springs – a small town with lots of color. Being Italians, I’m sure my father felt an affinity with the Greek population.

          East Hampton… yes posh, but there’s also many of us “year rounders” here with kids in the public schools. The population is diverse now and there are locals struggling to stay aboard. As an artist I’m sure you’d find it interesting here. It’s an open-minded community and there are opportunities to show your work. On the other hand, there is no longer a “scene” as there once was when Pollock and DeKooning arrived. Nowadays, you’ll need to go to Marfa Texas for that!

        2. Mr Todaro,
          LOL When you say Italians in Tarpon Springs, I think of the saying, “It’s all Greek to me!” I am sure my father would have been able to convince you that in fact you are Greek no matter where you were born! LOL
          Your artwork speaks for itself! I am sure that more and more success in ways never anticipated will come to you as long as you are at it everyday possible! I just know it! Luck and tomorrow belongs to you, Sir! claudy

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