28 thoughts on “Caroga Lake

  1. This is fabulous – that hard edged form imposing on all the gorgeous curves of cloud and snow, and then the amusing idea of the polar bear with an ice cream cone, long after the store has closed, and though he’s never been seen there, on that day maybe he could have made a go of it! So you drove up to the Adirondacks last Feb to take photos? What a great idea! Such a beautiful place. This one is perfect.

    1. Great comment, thanks Lynn. Drove up to look at some schools with my son and had a day or two to play in the mountains. I wish it was closer, especially this time of the year!

      1. That’s exactly it – it’s a long trip. And what I’m loving here is that I can get to mountains so much faster. But one doesn’t go as often as one thinks one should, and sometimes those trips we have to make to look at schools bring good dividends.

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