31 thoughts on “Louse Point Moon

      1. John, I saw this photo before the previous one and 24 hours (or so) this is the one I remember. It is such a beautiful shot with those silver tones of stillness and clean lines and angles of shadow and reflection. You have such a gifted eye.

        1. Wow thanks, Patti- so nice of you. I was hoping to evoke the look of a silver print so it’s great to hear you’ve connected with it. It’s relevant to mention that the post processing was handled in SilverEfex, (although most of it could’ve been done in Photoshop).

  1. splendido questo bianco-nero, e poi quelle linee tratteggiate delle nubi seguono le funi nell’acqua come un prospettiva identica nella fissità dell’insieme… bellissima!

  2. This is a beautiful picture of a timeless moment. The earlier comment about a Tagalog word for this transitional time of the day made me realize how few times in life I have taken the time to pause and actually experience this moment. It happens twice a day, fourteen times a week, etc. One of the functions of landscape art and photography for me is to capture moments that I am too busy to capture myself.

  3. Beautiful tones and composition. I’ve only photographed the moon on a few occasions, planning to try again and hopefully achieve something as good as this.

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