16 thoughts on “Portrait

    1. No they don’t— and it appears that the rain has washed some of the pigment out of her right eye creating what looks like a trail of tears.

      Thanks for commenting Olivia.

  1. Wouldn’t it be fun to photograph this wall throughout the year, seeing how the leaves on the branch change and modify the drawing…but it’s far away now, isn’t it?

    1. You’ve raised what I consider the most interesting question, Mary-Ann. My initial take was that it was an androgynous portrait of a man… and to me, the subject recalls the well-known portrait of Isaac Newton.

      But everyone else seems to feel this is a woman.

      So I’m not sure… and perhaps that’s the intention. Equally inscrutable is the subject’s expression– a compelling sadness.

      1. The portrait struck me as androgynous. As for Isaac Newton, wasn’t he portrayed with a slightly more prominent chin? Or perhaps, the softer chin here is deliberate?

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