20 thoughts on “East of Alamosa

  1. I love this juxtaposition – it takes me back to the 70’s and grids, grids, grids. But here, the grid is not in a gallery and it’s paired with such a classic nature image – somehow the two speak to each other. It’s the light!


  2. This picture is the embodiment of that Diane Arbus quote about photography being a “secret about a secret.” It is totally cloaked in magnificence and mystery. The storm has passed, the late afternoon western sun is illuminating the stunning Sangre de Cristos (I think) crowned by a golden rainbow, but the most interesting character becomes the nondescript billboard. And the unresolved part of the secret? What does the billboard say?


    1. I mentioned that quote to someone the other day (in another post). Here’s the whole thing:

      “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

      Arbus did it almost every time. Me? Well that’s another story…

      Mountains: Yes, those are in fact the Sangres.
      Billboards: Believe it or not I forgot to look at the other side.

      Good to hear from the elder sibling…


  3. Wow, I love how you’ve not only got the rainbow, but a shimmer of it on the sign top too…and that hint of mountain too..brilliant shot..


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