19 thoughts on “Flamingos

  1. …about that title:

    I’d been assuming these white-painted birds were Whooping Cranes (who winter in this area). But nagging doubts about the downturned bill have convinced me to change the title.

    exit cranes…enter flamingos.


    1. Well, after all, fake whooping cranes by the roadside would just be silly! 🙂
      I don’t know if it’s the unusual angle or what, but there’s such movement in this shot, as if these guys are hanging out and chatting or something.


    1. Thanks Arjun. Once in awhile, I like plunging into the picture with a super-wide field of view. This one is about the same as a 21mm on a 35mm DSLR– crisp all the way to the clouds.


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