33 thoughts on “Fish Crows

    1. Orvus Ossifragus…a slightly more diminutive version of the regular crow– found strictly along the East Coast where it carries on the usual crow business. Voice sounds a bit hoarse, like it’s been nursing a cold.

    1. Thanks Mary-Ann. Yes these birds are up really early and I think they were eyeing a nearby dumpster behind a restaurant. Indeed, the moon is still close to that phase.

  1. You do know your crows! I always liked hearing that nasal caw near the water. I like the way the circles of extra wire mimic the round moon, and the crows arranged themselves so nicely, didn’t they?

      1. A very late reply! Yes, for sure! Trying to learn new birds now! You can imagine how much a long time east coast birder would miss certain sounds and sights…mockingbirds singing, cardinals too, great egrets and snowies…but I have a pileated coming to suet just a few feet from a glass door, how’s that!

  2. Just lovely..all about to sing..I always think how great it is with moon shots that it’s everyones moon – so shining on those birds here in this perfect shot, and also shining on my fields here now..

  3. This is better than a lot of similar cinematographic scenes in The Birds. Too bad you were only 8 years old when Hitchcock was looking for a cinematographer.

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