13 thoughts on “Fading Advertisement, Leadville CO

  1. I spent two years of my life living in Leadville- Love that town and miss it everyday. Had a few nights driving on highway 6 & 24 from Leadville to Minturn where I really thought it was my last day on earth – Whiteouts, rock slides, pile-ups, etc. Miss living on the edge, though. Miss the adventure. The city makes me feel like a domesticated animal most days. If you are still in the area there is an abandoned ghost town called ‘Gilman’ halfway down the highway- Just don’t let the cops catch you exploring it!

    1. I completely forgot about your Leadville connections Josh…what an interesting place to have spent two years! The edgy quality you describe has not vanished. I missed my opportunity to visit Gilman, but will make note for a future trip. Stay tuned…more Leadville work on the way…

  2. I’m trying to make the words out in the hope of understanding what was important to the people who walked this town once, quite sometime ago. I wonder if “Dry Climate” is a brand. It says below it’s “imported” and from above, endorsed by the “Board of Trade.”

    Speaks of a bygone era in the life of a town.

  3. Great image – your photographs of these abandoned places intrigue me so much I always end up on Google Maps exploring them!

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