19 thoughts on “Sunflowers, Great Sand Dunes National Park

  1. That’s just amazing. It’s a really great photo – seems the best thing to do with those colors was just go for it, and you did. The composition is so perfect. And as a plant & landscape lover I’m also fascinated by the line of sunflowers – I bet the moisture just seeps down that hill under the sand and stays there, hence the narrow row. This is probably a perfect illustration of some important botanical & geological principles. The photo sings!

    1. Thanks much Lynn, and yes, it was a perfect illustration of what happens in the troughs between the dunes during a year with ample moisture. Have you been to this park? It was my first visit…

  2. Great picture. The sunflowers in the foreground of the picture seem so animated and full of sentience that it looks like they have chosen to peer into the camera lens that has made its way to this far end of their dune to see what this is all about. It’s almost like a still from a good science fiction movie that I would want to watch..A compelling image.

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