14 thoughts on “Pine Cones

    1. These pictures came about because I was walking off a headache. I became really absorbed with the exterior features of the museum. Somehow the pine cones seemed to punctuate these features with just the right feeling.

  1. So interesting. Yes, poetry! I like the series although the third is my favorite, but it seems like a little culmination. … Those blotches on the floor are great, like bruises. Mysterious also.

    1. Thanks Rose…glad you like these guys. Yes, the third image is sort of the same view as the second, only taken from a few feet back so as to include an extra pine cone. I very much liked your comment about the bruises. These pictures were taking me rather than the other way around.

  2. Knowing that these were taken in the Bradbury Museum in Los Alamos is an important part of the of these pictures. They suddenly take on the feel of a 60’s science fiction film. They could also be perceived as part of a political statement. To me, these are pictures where “place,” is an important part of the story they tell. Great job.

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