A Railyard Series

rr 1

This begins a series of abstractions (or semi-abstractions) captured in a railyard last week in southern Colorado.  What caught my interest here were a number of retired rail-cars, all of the passenger variety. While I was taking these pictures it began to rain.  The droplets created some unexpected effects.  I’ll be posting the rained-on pictures later next week.

All the images were photographed with a GF2 Panasonic and the Olympus M. Zuiko F1.8 45mm. The focal distance for this lens is about the same as a 90mm on a 35mm camera.  I love the lens and almost always use it without a tripod. Shooting this work was invigorating, something like stumbling upon a batch of good vitamins. With that in mind, I’ll only post one a day.

10 thoughts on “A Railyard Series

  1. i like this very much so I’ll be looking forward to seeing the rest of the series, John.
    I love the way the rain brings out the colour in things so I’m especially looking forward to seeing those ones,
    Did I say it’s good to see you posting again? 🙂


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