35 thoughts on “Picnic

  1. Beautiful setting, John. I wonder if these are birch trees. They don’t do well with pollution. So, if they are birch, they must be far away from industrial life.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. The trees are Aspens, and this locale was pretty far from anything urban.

      I’m not sure how they’re doing with respect to pollution–good question. They’re common in our western Mountains, especially at higher elevations, or where there’s been timbering.

  2. It looks beautiful, and quite bizarre to me:the trees suggest (to me) distance from people and their buildings and cars and stuff but there’s that table there.
    Very interesting, John.

  3. Some nice observations by commentators above, suggesting beauty and remoteness, yet evidence of human touch. It really is a nice photo. Great capture. Reminds of the time I was driving to Madrid with my Mom from Bilbao, in Basque country, in a little Fiat. Mom and I got a bottle of wine, some cheese and bread and stopped along the road in a poppy field and had a picnic. Quite remote as well, amidst blankets of beautiful red blooms.

  4. I love this. I guess the contrast between the materials also. There is something odd and surprising about it that I love. And what Richard said about the signature too!

    1. Thanks Rose, I didn’t expect so many nice comments for this photograph. It’s funny, ever since Richard pointed out the signature, I can’t look at the picture without thinking of it as one!

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