20 thoughts on “Affaire De Coeur

    1. Good comment Lynn. We’re frequent visitors to Northampton/Amherst. Haven’t seen too many protesters these days, but there’s lots of healthy paradigm subversion.

        1. Yep, the end is always a beginning! Sometimes veiled by emotions but the spark is there! The closed window makes me feel of things gone by. Sad to let go of what had been but a blessing at the same time if you can grasp all what you can take with you from there and move on.

  1. Molti anni fa; ho pochi ricordi. Mi viene la voglia di cercare il DVD e recensirlo.

    1. Lo abbiamo visto di recente dopo molti anni.

      La mia tolleranza per i film di Hollywood non Γ¨ molto alto piΓΉ. Ma il film ha dei buoni momenti.
      Bella sera per te

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