17 thoughts on “Alfresco

  1. I really like this photo—it is masterful in several ways:
    • the composition (keeping only the lower portion of the window whereby the sill becomes the underlying element—or overlying; and just a glimpse of the dark shutters for balance, and the cropped table top—the grays are well proportioned),
    • the colors (predominance of red, some gray-black, with a slash of yellow—like an accent over the “e” in “caffè”),
    • the subject matter (a lone chair—very contemplative, just a seat to sip coffee and think), and
    • the locale (right off the street).

  2. Magnifica fotografia, John: la bellissima N.Y., la meno nota e la più affascinante. complimenti!

    1. Jean Claude, merci. J’ai passé un certain temps à se demander à ce sujet. 🙂
      C’est toujours un plaisir de vous entendre. bonne soirée!

  3. It’s so interesting to see your urban work, John.
    I really like this, colours, compostion and the central placing of the window sill sets off the asymetrical placing of the rest.

    1. thanks Ashley–I do leave this salt-soaked place behind on occasion, and venture into a city. New Paltz is a bustling college town…not too large.

      For me, a days’ commitment to an American urban area is something like asking for a migraine.

  4. The bright red wall is so striking against the spindly wrought iron furniture. I don’t know what to make of the window base. I like how at the bottom the base meets the sidewalk so unevenly.

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