52 thoughts on “Fourteen Pilings

  1. Stupenda calma, silenzio…notevole prospettiva. Riflessi…

    Quello che vedo
    è come un quadro
    dipinto da una mano leggera….
    Riflessi di luce
    colori in festa
    battufoli di nuvole


  2. Another wonderful picture John. I like the way the pilings take your eye to the edge of the picture and your gaze then follows the horizon back to the centre. Very effective composition I think.

  3. This has such clarity and warmth. Gorgeous composition and colors – oh and I’m happy to see, the horizon is in the middle, but it’s still a great image. Those rules beg to be broken!

    1. Thanks Lynn. I’m glad to hear you like the colors. I was especially happy with the blue in this picture because it provides a neutral foundation for red and yellow. Saturated blues in landscapes rarely appeal to me… and yes, rules beg to be broken– at least once a day. 😉

  4. Great shot, John.
    Like many other Sag Harbor residents, I have photographed this scene endless times with countless cameras and iPhones, but I never got anything nearly this breath taking.

  5. Gorgeous shot, John – very calming, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    PS: watched Fantastic Planet and loved it, so unusual. I hope you drop by again soon! Thank-you for the recommendation 🙂

    1. thanks Georgina…those are some nice words.

      I’m so glad to hear you liked Fantastic Planet! I’ll be looking forward to a future review.

    1. Thanks Lynn; it’s nice to hear from you! I’ve been taking a break, mostly to do some printing for some shows coming up. I’ll stop by your site soon…hope you’re busy shooting!

      1. I’ve been busy with other projects and decided to break from blogging for a bit. Hope you’re writing and shooting– I’ll try to visit your fotos soon. John

      1. Your Photos I miss you very much!
        I am very distracted … but I’m three months that I do not open the mail …
        too full of notices at least 5000 … 🙂
          Now I know where to find you.
        and I am very happy.

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